Christmas at Lighthouse

Remember: Christmas is all about His presence, not your presents!

Bring the whole family and join the community as we rejoice in the greatest gift this Christmas Season - the gift of new life! Christmas at Lighthouse is a time to come together all month of December, and is an experience you and the family don't want to miss!

Reflections - the stories behind the story

When you reflect back on Christmas pasts what are things that you remember? Is it the gifts, the food, or the lights? Or is it the presence of others that you remember the most? This season we will be reflecting through the Bible as we see how God orchestrated Jesus' birth from the beginning in Genesis all the way to the manger! The stories behind the story!
Let us reflect on what this Christmas Season means and accept the greatest gift that could ever be given to each of us - the salvation of new life in the King! Let us be the light this season to those around us - our neighbors, our colleagues, our children, our friends, our family - help give them the same gift! Invite them Sundays at 10am to hear the life-giving word of God this season as we reflect on what Christmas really means!

LCC Kids Christmas Lane

Lighthouse Kids presents Christmas Lane 2021 - a fun time for kids ages 1st through 6th grade to connect as they hear more on what the Christmas Season is all about while they have fun and make memories with their friends! This is a time to kickoff the Christmas Season for our LCC Kids that brings so much joy and laughter that your kids won't want to leave! So mark your calendars for Sunday December 5th at 10am!

Christmas Gathering Times

LCC Kids Christmas Lane


Sunday December 5th at 10A
1st to 6th grade
304 Viewcrest Ave Port Angeles, WA 98362